November 12 - November 16, 2014

Exclusive Preview Night
Wednesday, November 12, 7 - 9pm
Invitation Only

General Admission
November 13 - November 16
12 - 9pm (Thursday & Friday)
12 - 6pm (Saturday & Sunday)
Free Admission



PIORA, a renowned restaurant in West Village, joined as a culinary partner. PIORA, which means "to blossom" in Korean, is the collaboration between...

A Savory Showcase of Jewelry and Accessories

So Tempting You Can Almost Taste It

Discover a delectable array of exquisite jewelry and accessories as seen through the prism of the culinary arts and presented as tantalizing objets d’art. Featuring over forty designers of distinct visions, DRAFTspace DELICIOUS OBJECTS serves up a feast of daring creations from emerging talents.

Avoiding the haphazard and numbing marketplace format of common trade shows, DRAFTspace DELICIOUS OBJECTS features only select and meticulously curated pieces from each brand to allow them to truly shine in a sumptuous art gallery installation setting. These and the rest of the collections at the show are available for purchase to the shopping public and at wholesale orders to retailers. Engage your senses and indulge in a new way of finding your next fashion obsessions!

Sample the Pleasures of PIORA

Adding a generous serving of epicurean delight to DRAFTspace DELICIOUS OBJECTS Exclusive Preview Night are the robust and unexpected flavors of PIORA. Named after the Korean word for “blossom”, PIORA has been astounding the city’s most demanding gourmands with the finest of modern American seasonal cuisine. The buzz-worthy restaurant is a testament to the gastronomic genius of Simon Kim and master chef Christopher Cipollone, whose respective Korean and Italian heritages have been seamlessly blended and hailed by The New York Times’ Pete Wells as “a marriage of ingenuity”. With consummate skill and boundless imagination, chef Cipollone seduces the palate with morsels of pure bliss to leave you craving for more.

Final lineup will be announced on October 15th, 2014.


DRAFTspace teams up with MANNFOK PR for DELICIOUS OBJECTS. With offices in Los Angeles and New York, MANNFOLK PR is a premier boutique agency named by Women's Wear Daily...

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Joseph Pastrana | MANFOLK PR

Miyonne Lee

Jun H. Lee


The Highline Loft where DRAFTspace DELICIOUS OBJECTS will take place is 2,500 square feet of event space with 14-foot ceilings located in the heart of Chelsea...